Founder Zain Jaffer may be looking to take back control of Vungle

Όλες οι κατηγορίες εναντίον του πρώην Διευθύνοντος Συμβούλου Vungle Zain Jaffer, περιλαμβανομένης και της απαράδεκτης πράξης για ένα παιδί, απορρίφθηκαν από δικαστή

Zain Jaffer may be gearing up for a fight to take back control of Vungle, the mobile ad company he founded. Jaffer was removed from his role as CEO last fall following his arrest on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and performing a lewd act on a child. However, a San Mateo County judge subsequently dismissed the charges. The district attorney’s office released a statement offering more context for the dismissal, saying that they did not believe there was any sexual conduct on the evening in question, and that…