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I made the floor invisible in every level of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury to test how well you can remember every level in Super Mario 3D World! If you know a level like Super Bell Hill well, you should be able to get through the level pretty quickly, but more difficult levels could definitely give a great funny Mario challenge as you play a level with invisible floor!

I also made a Bowser’s Fury mod where I REMOVED the floor ( https://youtu.be/hdpU3ig0dko ), but in this video on Super Mario 3D World today, the floor is still there but it’s just invisible! We see some hilariously glitchy Mario levels and we have some nice Mario challenges! How good is your memory of Mario levels?

All objects and Mario enemies (and Mario himself) in the level are still visible, just the level geometry has been made invisible! I got the idea of an invisible floor mod from JCog, who played through Paper Mario with models turned off (and who has also done a blindfolded Paper Mario run!), and Kosmic has also recently played Super Mario Bros with the floor invisible, so I thought I should make a mod where the floor is invisible! Go check out JCog, he’s almost at 1000 subscribers!

Bowser’s Fury but there’s no floor – https://youtu.be/hdpU3ig0dko

Dropping every boss in lava – https://youtu.be/AD4ze2NxjOU

I added more Cat Shines to Bowser’s Fury – https://youtu.be/196AXWk8f0M

Intro/ explanation – 0:00
Super Bell Hill (World 1-1) – 0:12
Stamp bonus room – 1:20
Seeing the clear pipe – 2:11
World Map with no floor – 2:49
Koopa Troopa Cave (World 1-2) – 2:57
Down the pipe into the cave – 3:12
Lots of cloud platforms – 3:50
Mystery box with koopas – 4:20
Golden pipe room – 4:58
World Map + Toad House – 6:52
Chargin’ Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) – 7:15
Mount Beanpole (World 1-3) – 7:36
Cloud area at Mount Beanpole – 9:15
Plessie’s Plunging Falls – 10:34
Bowser’s Castle on the World Map – 12:37
Trying to get the stamp in Plessie’s Plunging Falls (hardest stamp) – 12:51
Roulette level – 13:45
Switch Scramble Circus (World 1-5) – 13:50
Invisible fences blocking platforms – 14:50
Mystery box area with invisible floor – 15:19
Captain Toad Goes Forth (World 1-Toad) – 16:04
Bowser’s Highway Showdown (World 1-Castle) – 17:16
Bowser’s Highway Showdown boss fight – 18:55
Castle in Bowser’s Highway Showdown – 20:30
World 2 – 20:59
Conkor Canyon (World 2-1) – 21:15
The absolute hardest part with invisible floor – 24:59
Puffprod Peaks (World 2-2) – 27:43
Warp Box area – 28:17
Checkpoint – 29:18
Cloud bonus area – 29:53
Shadow-Play Alley (World 2-3) – 31:35
Mystery box area – 32:55
Stamp – 33:31
Really Rolling Hills (World 2-4) – 34:09
Pipe area + rainbow step platforms – 35:33
Final room – 36:18
Mystery House Melee (World 2) – 36:29
Big Galoomba Blockade (World 2-A) – 37:30
Double Cherry Pass (World 2-5) – 37:51
Second area – 38:24
Final room – 39:42
1-up mushroom on the map – 40:15
Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade (World 2-Castle) – 40:24
Boom Boom boss fight – 42:12
Final Castle room – 42:43
Thoughts on this challenge – 43:07
Title Screen with invisible floor – 44:05

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